Welcome to Gulf Racing Fuels

Gulf Racing Fuels offers high quality fuels for racing applications.

The historic Gulf Racing Fuels brand has evolved to become a 21st Century performance leader that leverages cutting-edge technologies, produces better overall engine efficiency, and offers enhanced horsepower.

Gulf Legend products

A rebirth of formulas directly applicable to vintage and historic racing engines; in addition to modern, high-compression power plants engineered specifically to develop maximum horsepower.

Gulf MACH products

These exclusive products result from the latest advancements in unleaded racing technology, and easily outclass other leaded fuels by delivering superior horsepo and higher explosive velocity.

Gulf Unleaded Fuels Beat Leaded Fuels

Gulf unleaded racing fuels replace leaded fuels in every type of use. We make our fuels with a lead replacement additive that works better than lead. Our unleaded fuels will not harm engines, oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. Switch to Gulf MACH unleaded racing gasoline.