Gulf Marine 100/ATV: Ethanol Free Boat Fuel

Gulf’s Marine and ATV 100 are specialty fuels designed for use in waterborne or off-road applications. Marine100/ATV uses ISOBUTANOL an oxygenate containing 30% higher BTU than ethanol as an alternative to ethanol, allowing this fuel to produce power beyond typical ethanol-derived gasoline, while being moisture resistant. This fuel will not accumulate water, nor will the fuel damage or affect gas tanks, gaskets, carburetors or injectors.

As with any gasoline, Gulf Marine 100 and ATV should be stored in an opaque tightly sealed containers where temperatures and conditions are stable. If properly stored the shelf life of Gulf Marine 100 and ATV is 2 years.

Applications: High performance marine craft’s, power boat racing, drag boat racing and ATV’s

R+M/2, 93
RVP, 7.8
Oxygen Vol%, 3.5
Specific Gravity, 0.78
Color, Yellow

# Evaporated:

Gulf ATV/Marine Oxygenated Fuel Chart

Gulf ATV/Marine Oxygenated Fuel Chart

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