Gulf Dyno Challenge

“Our product is better than the competition”.  

You hear that everywhere. In fact, every brand says the same thing.

But how often do you get a chance to prove it?

Introducing: The Gulf Dyno Challenge!

– Buy 5 gallons of the Gulf Racing Fuel of your choice.

– Test it against your current race fuel 

– Share the test results and receive a full refund, including freight!

Subject to approval by Gulf Racing Fuels.

To sign up for the challenge, please fill out the Gulf Dyno Challenge request form HERE. Once submitted, you will receive a response with approval or denial. Once approved, simply purchase 5 gallons of Gulf Racing Fuel and save your receipt. Perform your dyno testing in a controlled and repeatable environment, document the results, and note any tuning changes.

Once you complete the challenge, upload your dyno plots and photos HERE. Gulf Racing Fuels will validate the results and send you a full refund!

VIDEOS WELCOME! If you take video of your Gulf Dyno challenge, we will share it in social media posts and in boosted, national ads. This is a great way to gain exposure for your shop!

Want to know if Gulf Mach 116 unleaded outperforms your current leaded 116? Want to know if it’s worth switching from E85 to Gulf E98? Now is your chance to find out!