What can Gulf MACH Unleaded do for your racing fuels business?

What are you looking for in a customer for your shop? You really want a client who will listen to how performance can be improved and you want that client to buy the components you recommend. How can you find that customer? One proven method is by association. You probably already do this.

Do you stock high priced add on hard parts that are well promoted and advertised? Yes, you do and those looking for those components can find your shop by that association. Now you can only stock so many parts and have a limited number of close associations so you’re always looking for a new product to associate.

Have you ever thought about an advanced technology racing gasoline? Let’s look and what’s out there now. You have your selection of a number of high octane leaded fuels and a few unleaded race fuels that use ethanol. The leaded fuel has been around since the 1920’s and the unleaded racing fuels pump up the ethanol for the octane kick but that pays havoc with tunes and pure power.

That doesn’t sound too good does it? If you sell any of these fuels you know a few things already. Each supplier has more than 30 fuels they offer and you can only store 3-4 fuels. The costs are high and the fuels really don’t bring in more customers as the same fuel is sold in multiple locations in your area. Essentially you are not making new hard parts sales by selling the race fuels and you are offering them only as a convenience to your regular customers. But you ask yourself how may race gas customers buy your hard parts of tuning?

Now consider adding Gulf Racing Fuels. The choices are much reduced as Gulf only sell two leaded fuels (100 and116 octane), four high octane unleaded fuels (100, 105, 110 and 116 octane), one e98 Racing Fuel, and two ethanol free oxygenated fuels (93 and 100 ). So, if your business sells leaded gas then you can select the Gulf Legend leaded gasolines. The Gulf Legend 100 Low Lead is a fuel made to today’s standards with the same lead content as Aviation Gasoline (AvGas). The Legend 116 is made for high compression racing engines.

Now, you don’t really have to carry the Legend fuels as the new Gulf MACH unleaded racing fuels can substitute for leaded fuels in any application. Imagine that, a fuel that can work in a leaded and unleaded engines.

The Gulf MACH fuels may be the answer you are looking for and 4 fuels can cover all of your customer’s needs. The Gulf MACH fuels are in demand as no other national brand has an unleaded race gas that does not use ethanol. Best of all the Gulf MACH fuels will not damage engine management or emissions systems such as catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

Now for the best part, Gulf’s best-selling fuel is its most expensive fuel, Gulf MACH 116 sells more than any other racing fuels. We will tell you that you will not be able to keep it in stock as its fans and your new customers will seek it out. And guess what? The Gulf MACH fuel customer is buying the most expensive unleaded race gas on the market and happily pays the price for performance.

Isn’t that what you are looking for? A customer who can pay over $800 for a drum of fuel is a customer who will listen to your tuning suggestion about the Gulf MACH fuels. You can even turn your current customers on to as you will be able to sell them a new tune for your new higher-octane race gas that is unleaded and ethanol -free.

So when you are ready to talk more about Gulf racing fuels just click the Become a Dealer Link and send us your information.