Gulf Mach 116: High Octane power for the masses

We are now living in an incredible era of racing!  An era where engines are controlled with precision, fuel and air curves are perfect and even race cars run in “closed loop” operation, never letting go of that oxygen sensor signal.  Never before have we had more control over how our engines run and this is a huge win for both horsepower and engine longevity.

It’s also an incredible time because race fuel technology has finally caught up to engine technology. For years, we’ve been shoving tetraethyl lead into our fuel. Why? Because, until now, it was the only remotely cost effective way to increase the octane level. But leaded fuel has its drawbacks. Big ones:

  • Leaded fuel has a poor shelf life.
  • Leaded fuel can only achieve a higher octane status by generically (instead of precisely) controlling the burn rate. This creates challenges in choosing an appropriate octane level.
  • Leaded fuel is known to be harmful to catalytic converters and oxygen sensors–the latter of which modern race cars rely heavily upon.
  • Leaded fuel is not great for the environment.

We’re not saying leaded fuel doesn’t have it’s place. Heck, we sell leaded race fuel =o) But it is an old technology compared to the newer “tight burn” unleaded race fuel technology.

High octane without the slow burn.

Our Gulf Mach series of race fuels are the pinnacle of technology and offer the best of all worlds to nearly any racer. Gulf Mach unleaded series fuel are:

  • Ultra high octane: Up to 116 octane R+M/2 !
  • Able to replace hundreds of race fuels with only a few different fuels.
  • Nearly impossible to “over octane” with due to their unique, “tight burn” technology.
  • Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

Top race cars are now running Gulf Mach 116 unleaded race fuel.

Brian Devilbiss from The Devil’s Reject Racing got to experience how awesome this fuel really is last year when he ran 7.69 @ 176 MPH, a better time than he had previously ran on the venerable VP C16. That’s right: A 7-second race car running unleaded race fuel!

Countless other drivers: Jim Roberts, Kennady Jones, the entire crew at Brenspeed and many others continue to put up impressive numbers that are better than they were with leaded race fuel.

Devilbiss_banner_display  KennadyJonesBurnoutBG2014  KentNineOnTheLineBG2014  JimRobertsBurnoutBG2014

When technology advances, you win!

Race fuel is typically a refined product. In other words, most race fuel companies are starting with a sourced, refined base fuel. Because of this, the quality varies more than they care to admit, even if they are able to precisely control their additive packages. It’s been the nature of the beast for years,

But our fuel is different. Gulf Mach 105, 110 and 116 are designer fuels. What does that mean? It means the entire fuel is made from scratch via a precisely controlled chemical stream. The result is a race fuel that is dead consistent from batch to batch. Are you a bracket racer? Do you like to squeeze out every last bit of horsepower you can and know you can rely upon your fuel to be the same batch after batch? Does your race car run with stock or complex engine management systems that reply upon catalytic converters or oxygen sensors?

If so, Gulf Mach series unleaded race fuels are for you!

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