Gulf Racing Fuels introduces Aero 93 Unleaded

Gulf announces new unleaded gasoline at AirVenture 2017 with U-Fuel and American Legend

Gulf Racing Fuels introduces the newest, high performance unleaded gasoline for engines manufactured by Rotax, Continental, Lycoming and Titan. The announcement comes midway through the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Airventure 2017. Gulf Aero 93 Unleaded will be the first of many new unleaded gasoline offerings that can be used in spark ignited engines made by Rotax, Lycoming, Continental and Titan. Gulf will provide the fuel in factory-sealed steel containers of 5 and 54 gallons.

The new unleaded gasoline is made without any oxygenates or alcohol like ethanol which is a benefit to the engine owners who have been unable to find consistent sources for ethanol-free unleaded gasoline. The fuel will be available in the United States. The gasoline is typically referred to as Autogas or MOGAS and will meet the needs of spark-ignited engines designed for unleaded gasoline. The Aero 93 will have anti-knock index (AKI) of 93, minimum. The fuel will not have a dye marker but will be clear to yellow depending on the production location.

All containers will be leak-proof and spill-proof steel containers meeting DOT guidelines for dangerous goods. The 5 gallons pails can be shipped by UPS to business locations in the Continental United States. The fuel can be ordered from Hyperfuels of Houston Texas by calling the sales desk or ordering online. Drums of Gulf Aero will ship by truck freight and can be delivered to homes or businesses in North America.

Jeff Farmer, VP of Marketing for Gulf said, “Gulf has introduced new unleaded fuels every year for the past four years. Our Gulf MACH unleaded racing fuels are the ultimate in high octane racing fuels made without tetraethyl lead (TEL) and ethanol, the Gulf Marine fuels are the only EPA-Approved gasoline made without ethanol. Both fuels have been exceptional performers in the market and now with the introduction of Gulf Aero 93 Unleaded, we have yet another high tech unleaded fuel that we expect will set the bar for an affordable and technologically-advanced gasoline to meet a growing demand. Now, finally, spark-ignited engine owners have an alternative to a leaded fuel.”

In addition to the announcement of the new fuel, Gulf also confirms that it will have a strategic business relationship with U-Fuel, a pioneer in the field of hazard liquid storage and dispensing equipment. U-Fuel and Gulf will offer complete storage and delivery systems for Gulf unleaded gasoline in strategic locations in the USA.
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Gulf is also announcing that the Gulf Aero 93 Unleaded will be the factory fill for American Legend Aircraft Company. Every new American Legend aircraft will come with a full tank of Gulf fuel and a brochure about the fuel in the log book.
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