Gulf Racing Fuels at the 2016 PRI Show

Gulf Racing Fuels is excited for our biggest presence ever at the PRI show! We’ve moved to a larger space: Booth #6039, neighboring the Penske 50th anniversary exhibit. Not only is the booth now larger, but we will also have a Gulf radical car in the booth!

The Gulf Mach series of unleaded fuels is great for the modern, high horsepower car. It’s detonation resistance is proven, replacing leaded fuel up to 118 octane, with better lubricity, stability, storage life and flexibility than leaded fuels. You can safely use it in closed loop operation, as it does not harm O2 sensors. It is also not harmful to catalytic converters, so it’s not only great for the purpose built track car, but also the weekend warrior who sees plenty of street time. It can also be blended with pump gas. Simply add the amount of fuel needed to reach your desired octane, or run straight 116 unleaded!

Gulf Sponsored Drivers to make appearances at PRI

Come meet our sponsored drivers at the 2016 PRI show! Mach 116 has been showcased awesomely by Gulf sponsored drivers Brian and Michelle Devilbiss! Brian’s 2013 GT500 (AKA: The Devil’s Reject) run consistent mid-low 7 second 1/4 mile times on Mach 116 in the 185-188 MPH range.

Michelle’s new edge mustang (The Devil’s Revenge) also puts down brutal power and runs on Mach 116. These cars are nasty and we couldn’t ask for better brand representation!


Rounding off the Gulf Mach lineup of sponsors, Jim Roberts, Kennady Jones and Ryan “Rhino” Jones continue to shine in NMRA Truck & Lightning, all running on the venerable Gulf Mach 110. The Mach Series of fuels offers the ultimate in consistency, so driver input, not fuel performance, remains the number one variable (as it should be).

JimRobertsBurnoutBG2014 kennadyjonesstillbg2014jonescrew

Last, but certainly not least, we have Justin Jordan, showcasing Gulf E98 in his 7 second, also street legal Mustang. This car runs deep into the 7’s and Justin just has a knack for winning. We like to think it has a little bit to do with his fuel choice, too! Justin owns Jordan Performance & Racing in Riverview (Tampa) FL and offers custom tuning services, including race tunes with Gulf Racing Fuels. Justin uses HP Tuners and AEM stand alone fuel management, depending on the application. He has grown quite a following of mustang enthusiasts who seek his custom tuning services.

Justin will be primarily in the MBRP booth at PRI, but will also be making appearances in the Gulf booth!


Our staff and drivers will be on hand throughout the PRI show to answer your questions and we’ll be there signing up dealers. Gulf Racing Fuels offer a huge value to the customer and a profitable sale for the distributor and dealer. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment at PRI, please send an email to and we will schedule you in. Otherwise, just stop by booth #6039 for a photo op with the Gulf Radical SR3 RSX, to meet our drivers and to learn more about the entire line of Gulf Racing Fuels. We hope to see you there!

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