Gulf Racing Fuel and Turbonetics partner up to bring high octane and boost to the masses!

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August 7th, 2015: Gulf Racing Fuels is pleased to announce a partnership with Turbonetics, Inc!

Turbonetics, a Wabtec company, is one of the premier manufacturers of turbochargers, turbo kits, wastegates, intercoolers, and other peripherals in the boosted world. Octane and high boost go hand in hand and, as such, we are excited to be the fuel provider for Turbonetics inc.

Kicking things off, we’ll be supplying the fuel for the Turbonetics 5th generation Camaro, a car that will be featured in numerous videos and will be on display in the Turbonetics booth at SEMA and PRI 2015. This Camaro will be showing off Turbonetics’ stage 2 turbo system, a kit that not only makes big power, but also maintains street manners with better mileage than a supercharger. It’s also 50 state street legal!

Check out the product video HERE

Gulf will provide the octane needed to run max boost and timing for their race tune.

We are particularly excited about this project because the car was previously running 116 leaded race fuel but will now be running Gulf Mach 116 unleaded. Gulf Mach 116 is not only a superior, more flexible, and more detonation resistant fuel, it also won’t harm the catalytic converters or oxygen sensors like leaded fuel. Win win!

Today’s OEM and aftermarket manufacturers are more high tech than ever and when it comes to power adders, it doesn’t make sense to use an old school fuel with a modern day management system. Shouldn’t you be burning a modern fuel, too?

Gulf is fully committed to late model performance with our line of Mach series unleaded fuels.

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