e98 Ethanol Race Fuel

Gulf e98 Ethanol Race Fuel was developed to accommodate racers who need high octane but do not need an expensive race gas. Gulf’s e98 offers excellent performance with an elevated octane of 99.5 (R+M/2). Consistency of the fuel is also paramount as most ethanol available at the retail dispensers can contain 70-90% ethanol. The stoichiometric ratio for ethanol is 9.0:1. This fuel burns with a lower flame temperature and luminosity, so less heat is lost by conduction and radiation to the engine cooling system. Alcohols burn faster and allow for more efficient torque development. Ethanol is hygroscopic so please keep the container sealed when stored.

E98 Ethanol Race Fuel is a flammable liquid and must be kept away from open flames and ignition sources.   Do not ingest or breathe the fuel or its vapors.  Wash away any fuel upon contact.  Have adequate venting of vapors.  Wear eye protection.  Empty containers should be properly marked and disposed.

Alpine Race and Rally



Drag Racing

Land Speed Racers

Typical Properties
R+M/2, 104
RVP, 2.30
Oxygen Vol%, 34.8
Specific Gravity, 0.794
Color, Clear[/table]

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