The Gulf Dyno Challenge

“Our product is better than the competition”.   You hear that everywhere. In fact, every brand says the same thing.   But how often do you get a chance to prove it? Introducing: The Gulf Dyno Challenge!  – Buy 5 gallons of the Gulf Racing Fuel of your choice. – Test it against your current … Read moreThe Gulf Dyno Challenge

Gulf Racing Fuels at the 2016 PRI Show

Gulf Racing Fuels is excited for our biggest presence ever at the PRI show! We’ve moved to a larger space: Booth #6039, neighboring the Penske 50th anniversary exhibit. Not only is the booth now larger, but we will also have a Gulf radical car in the booth! The Gulf Mach series of unleaded fuels is … Read moreGulf Racing Fuels at the 2016 PRI Show

Gulf MACH Fuels

Gulf’s line of unleaded racing fuels. For race engines that require unleaded fuel; Gulf position’s itself as a leader in the global fuels segment; always sensitive to its history, yet driven by cutting-edge technology. This is particularly true of its unleaded MACH Fuel products, since rather than simply integrating volatile compounds and maximizing aromatics, Gulf … Read moreGulf MACH Fuels