Boating with Isobutanol, or How to not Ruin Your Engine

We hear from boaters all the time that they don’t have to worry about their ethanol based gasoline as they use the fuel so fast it doesn’t have time to go bad. Really?

Check out our time lapse video of the Gulf Marine Gas (Left Side, Green) and Premium E10 gas (right side, yellow). This video is compressed from 10 minutes of exposure (fan blowing over the top of the beaker). As the E10 fuel evaporates it chills the air to the dew point and droplets form on the inside of the beaker, the droplets aggrgate and fall into the E10 gas and you can see the water contamination (milky appearance) starting at the 5 minutes mark (halfway). At the 10 minute mark the fuel has saturated completely and will start to separate taking with it the ethanol and reducing the octane of teh gasoline. And what is the Gulf Marine gasoline doing? Nothing, just sits there taking in NO WATER and evaporating at a much higher temperature which is above the dew point of the atmosphere.


Gulf Marine vs E10 Regular from Billy on Vimeo.