Gulf Racing Fuels introduces Aero 93 Unleaded

Gulf announces new unleaded gasoline at AirVenture 2017 with U-Fuel and American Legend

Gulf Racing Fuels introduces the newest, high performance unleaded gasoline for engines manufactured by Rotax, Continental, Lycoming and Titan. The announcement comes midway through the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Airventure 2017. Gulf Aero 93 Unleaded will be the first of many new unleaded gasoline offerings that can be used in spark ignited engines made by Rotax, Lycoming, Continental and Titan. Gulf will provide the fuel in factory-sealed steel containers of 5 and 54 gallons.

The new unleaded gasoline is made without any oxygenates or alcohol like ethanol which is a benefit to the engine owners who have been unable to find consistent sources for ethanol-free unleaded gasoline. The fuel will be available in the United States. The gasoline is typically referred to as Autogas or MOGAS and will meet the needs of spark-ignited engines designed for unleaded gasoline. The Aero 93 will have anti-knock index (AKI) of 93, minimum. The fuel will not have a dye marker but will be clear to yellow depending on the production location.

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Gulf Aero Announcement at Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure

Please join us as we make a Gulf Aero Announcement at

Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure

Thursday July 27, 2017

Oshkosh, WI

Media Room; 9:00 AM

The Gulf Dyno Challenge

"Our product is better than the competition".  

You hear that everywhere. In fact, every brand says the same thing.  

But how often do you get a chance to prove it?

Introducing: The Gulf Dyno Challenge! 

- Buy 5 gallons of the Gulf Racing Fuel of your choice.

- Test it against your current race fuel 

- Share the test results and receive a full refund, including freight!

Subject to approval by Gulf Racing Fuels.

To sign up for the challenge, please fill out the Gulf Dyno Challenge request form HERE. Once submitted, you will receive a response with approval or denial. Once approved, simply purchase 5 gallons of Gulf Racing Fuel and save your receipt. Perform your dyno testing in a controlled and repeatable environment, document the results, and note any tuning changes.  

Once you complete the challenge, upload your dyno plots and photos HERE. Gulf Racing Fuels will validate the results and send you a full refund!

VIDEOS WELCOME! If you take video of your Gulf Dyno challenge, we will share it in social media posts and in boosted, national ads. This is a great way to gain exposure for your shop!

Want to know if Gulf Mach 116 unleaded outperforms your current leaded 116? Want to know if it's worth switching from E85 to Gulf E98? Now is your chance to find out!


If you have questions about the Gulf Dyno Challenge and you are a performance/dyno shop, please email

Introducing Two New Unleaded and Ethanol Free Racing Fuels

Today, at the Performance Racing industry Show, Gulf Racing Fuels announced that it is introducing two new unleaded gasolines for racing cars and aviation engines in 2017.


MACH 100 is the latest grade of unleaded racing fuels introduced by Gulf Racing Fuels for 2017.  The unleaded racing fuel fills the need for a moderate race gas that has detonation resistance and excellent lubricity.  Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, the fuel can be used in any late model street car for excellent performance in a wide range of horsepower levels.


Next, Gulf enters the aviation fuel market for the first time in a generation.  Gulf will offer its unleaded aviation gasoline in 2017.  The unleaded gasoline meets ASTM D-4814 standards for light aviation aircraft engines including Lycoming, Continental and Rotax.  This is the first commercially available unleaded aviation gasoline that will be available at numerous facilities in the United States.  The company will feature this fuel at the air shows in 2017 including EEA Airventure Oshkosh July 24-30, 2017.